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Mission Statement
"Our Mission is to provide hope for students through educational options that promote a free society and cultivate moral and academic excellence."
Vision Statement
"To transform all stakeholder to reach their fullest emotional and academic potential and prepare scholars to excel as 21st century global citizens."
Campus Motto
"We are all about Growth. We are about achieving Greatness, showing Respect, being On Task, being willing to begin and complete obligations, being on time in all that we do, and being honest with ourselves and others."
What is a Charter School?
Charter schools are public schools that operate with an agreement (or charter) with a state, school district or governmental entity to provide an enhanced education that is often unavailable within the conventional public schooling setting. These schools are open to all students, do not charge tuition, have no religious affiliation and must abide by the same state and federal testing, financial, anti-discrimination, health and safety regulations as all public schools. They typically have higher levels of parent, student and community involvement and often realize higher student achievement.
Our campus is small by design, which gives it a private school atmosphere where parents, faculty, and staff can work together for the benefit of each child. Though it may seem like a small private school, it is an established, tuition-free public school of choice.