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Our Uniform

Students must arrive at school each day wearing official campus uniform shirts with the school's crest.
Black PoloGrey PoloGold PoloGreen Polo
These include black, gray, gold, and hunter-green polo shirts. Shirts must be buttoned such that only the uppermost button remains undone. Shirts must always be tucked in, and shirttails must be long enough to stay tucked in. At no time can skin or undergarments be visible between the bottom of a shirt/blouse and the top of pants, this includes during physical education or other athletic activities. A white undershirt may be worn; colored undershirts are not permitted.

All students are expected to wear khaki or black uniform pants/slacks or knee-length shorts or skirts, as part of their school uniform. Pants/shorts are to be worn at the waist with a belt. Belts must be solid in color (black, brown, or navy) and may not include spikes, grommets, graphics/pictures, rhinestones, or a buckle larger than a driver’s license. Skirts and dresses must be at knee length. Cargo pants are not permitted. Students must remain in school uniform while on campus after school unless changing for a school athletic activity or another pre-approved school activity. 



Optional approved plaid uniform for girls (jumper blouse must be worn under a jumper or with skort/skirt)

Plaid DressWhite Button UpKhaki DressPlaid Skirt



ACCEPTABLE: Pants/slacks and knee-length shorts






NOT Acceptable:


Not Acceptable



Students must wear closed-toe, closed-heel, walking shoes (your choice of color) with soles. Shoes must not have lights, sequins, glitter, or wheels. Work boots will not be permitted. Athletic shoes must be worn for Physical Education. Flip-flops, crocs, sandals, moccasins, and or house shoes will not be permitted. Dress boots may be worn underneath long pants only. Shoes must be non-marring (do not leave black scuff marks on the floor). Laces on shoes must be pulled through and well-tied. Socks must be solid in color and worn appropriately, so as not to make a fashion statement. Leggings will not be permitted as acceptable school attire.

Students are permitted to wear campus sweaters and or hoodies with school logos in the classroom, as classroom temperatures can be cool. Winter coats or winter jackets can be worn to school, but not in the classroom.


zip hoodie.jpgcardigan sweater.jpgfleece jacket.jpg




Spirit Day Attire: (All Grades) Every Friday is designated as Spirit Day.


spirit shirt.jpgcloseout spirit shirt.jpg



Students are permitted to wear Blue Jeans without holes, without slits, and without decorations or embellishments, along with the campus Spirit shirt only. Students may not wear skinny or baggy jeans.



Please click on the link below to order uniforms.